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Jean Michel Basquiat a Neo- Expressionist painted in the 1990’s. Neo- Expressionism is a style of late modernist or early postmodern painting and sculpting that emerged in the late 1970’s. Neo expressionist were something called Neve Wilden. Basquiat received massive acclaim in only a few years showing alongside artists like David Salle, Francesco Clemenete and Julian Schnable. Basquiat is a self-taught artist. At a early age basquiat showed his talent for drawing. This talent led his mother to enroll him as a junior member of the Brooklyn museum when he was only six.

Jean Michel Basquiat was born in Brooklyn New York, on December 22 1960. Basquiat had a Haitian American father and a Puerto Rican mother. Basquiat and his mother attended New York City museum exhibitions which led to him being enrolled as a junior member of the Brooklyn museum. Later in life basquiat dropped out of school. He started selling sweatshirts and postcards featuring his artwork on the streets right before his painting careers took off. Basquiat was addicted to herioin in the mid 1980’s. Desperately to get away from heroin he went to Hawaii returning a few months later. Basquiet died of a drug overdose Auguest 12 1988 in New York City.
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He used brushes, Oil stick markers, acrylic, spary paint, professionally made canvases and more. His paintings are also made up of obsessive scribbling, elusive symbols and diagrams, and mask and dull imagery. "I don't think about art" he said, " I think about life."

In Jean Michel Basquiats paintings included fusion of words, symbols, stick figures, animals and lots of mask imagery. Basquiat paintings are always filled with bright colors. The paintings are never dull, they give you so much in one painting. I'm sure I can now recognize his work just with the features of the faces and bright
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