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Personally, if I could only choose one hamburger or hot dog topping I would pick ketchup. I would pick ketchup for many reasons. Ketchup can be used in many different ways, it was originally a tomato, and it’s my favorite condiment. Ketchup isn’t only used on hamburger and hot dogs. It can be used in meatloaf, black bean burgers, spaghetti, or to make certain dishes have flavor. You can dip french fries, onion rings, and mozzarella sticks into ketchup. There are so many ways to use ketchup. Also, it can be used to create salad dressings like thousand island and russian dressings. Ketchup hasn’t always been made out of tomatoes. People used to make ketchup with mushrooms, fish, and walnuts. This makes you wonder if ketchup has always been red. When they made ketchup out of mushrooms it used to…show more content…
They do this because ketchup has been intertwined with hamburgers and hot dogs for many years. People see pictures on websites or magazines of these foods. Almost always they have ketchup on them. It has become this American classic that will never go away. It has become so popular that almost every household in America has a bottle.
Ketchup has been my favorite condiment since I was very little. It is really good mixed with other sauces too. I enjoy mixing ketchup and honey or ketchup and buttermilk ranch. Some people might find those gross but they are really good. I recommend mixing these sauces and dipping french fries in them. I can’t think of any reasons why I wouldn’t want to become the ketchup we use today. In conclusion, there are three reason why I would want to become ketchup. Those reasons are that I would be an American classic, I could be used in so many different recipes, and I could come in different colors and flavors. I probably like ketchup so much because I grew up using it all of the time. The events in our lives determine what our favorite things end up to
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