Research Paper On King Tut

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King Tut Pharaohs all had different names, sometimes long or short, weird or semi-normal. Like pharaoh Tutankhamun, Or king Tut for short. King Tut is a very well known Pharaoh by now, but does anyone know his backstory? King tut, Born in 1341 B.C.E., His rule began at 9 years old, but he did not accomplish much as you would expect. But his Vizier, Ay, all took care of that for the moment. Tut’s dad, Akhenaten, Started a new religion on his people for only worshiping one god and not many,. Tut wanted to restore it back into the civilization. His father also started many wars with the Nubian 's and Asiatic’s. Tut had spent most all his life trying to restore what had to be, until his death at age 19. He had no surviving children so therefore
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