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Do you look up to Kobe Bryant or any other basketball player? You should consider playing and try to reach for what they have accomplished. Kobe Bryant has won 5 championships with the Lakers and so can you. Basketball is a great sport that is played worldwide in schools and outside of schools. Like the NBA there is also college and high school basketball that are just as competitive. Like most sports, basketball is a great sport that can lead to painful injuries and/or new friends.

Like any other sport, injuries will usually occur. Some need surgery like having knee injuries and others need ice. These injuries vary from sprains to hips and thighs. Injuries can occur during a game or during practice. Most times you are not allowed to play while you are injured. Injuries are very common to players. Lots of NBA players have lost game time due to an injury.
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If a game or practice is indoors it is known as "basketball". More well known games are played indoor such as collage or high school basketball. Both forms of basketball have different sets of rules. Along with different rules, basketball has teams with specific players and street ball consists of players that are allowed to join by people already playing. Street ball in seen in many famous movies and can be seen on courts outside gyms or sometimes near parks. Both kinds of basketball can be found worldwide and are enjoyed by people both young and
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