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Gabriel Rosas
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Leonardo Da Vinci
` Leonardo Da Vinci was the jack of all trades, ranging from engineering, philosophy, artistry and even science. His innovations and inventions such as the triple barrel cannon made him one of the most famous and influential figures in Renaissance history. He contributed much to our engineering and military technology. His works of art like the Mona Lisa and The Last Supper shaped the Renaissance. His works in science made breakthroughs in his time, his discovery of the anatomical structure was crucial to our modern medicine.
Leonardo Da Vinci was born April 15th 1452 in The Republic of Florence. Despite being one of the most renowned geniuses in history, he didn’t take …show more content…

The only limitation Leonardo had was the technology of his time. One of his engineering projects that if completed would have had much impact was the Arno Canals. The purpose of this project was to to build a large canal that would bypass the unnavigable stretch of the Arno and connect Florence by water with the sea (Heydenreich 12). This project was to make sea trade possible and to help Florence lay siege to Pisa, however like many of his daring engineering works, he simply didn’t have the tools to fully realize …show more content…

Leonardo became exceptionally skilled in artistry and architecture under the apprenticeship of Andrea del Verrocchio for roughly 10 years. When Leonardo Da Vinci moved to Milan to work for Duke Sforza, his main purpose was to build a statue. A monumental equestrian statue in bronze to be erected in honor of Francesco Sforza, the founder of the Sforza dynasty (Heydenreich 8).Leonardo spent 12 years constructing the statue, but war approaching made Milan use the bronze meant for the statue to make defenses. The French demolished the statue when they annexed Milan. Leonardo spent 3 years painting the Last Supper, the painting illustrated Jesus informing his apostles that one of them will betray him. The skilled artistry in this painting inspired many painters, the way in which he isolated Christ at the epicenter of the scene and made each apostle a separate entity, yet at the same time united them all in the moment, is a stroke of genius that subsequent artists throughout history would strive to replicate (LeonardoDaVinci.net Staff

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