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Loretta Lynn is a country music singer and songwriter;.She has had continued success throughout the year Growing up, loretta lynn was the second of the eight children and she began singing in the church at a very young age.{biography}.com she had came from a family that didn't have much money but she was still able to find a love in music. It wasn’t until her husband bought her a guitar that she was encouraged to pursue her interest in music (Biography.com) she said she always would help take care of the younger siblings because she was one of the oldest. loretta lynn has overcome many struggles in her journey to being a successful country singer biography.com) loretta lynn was born in butcher holler kentucky that where she had started …show more content…

Loretta Lynn was married shortly before she had turned sixteen years old she had married Oliver Mooney. {biography.com}Her husband and her had moved to washington state to find better work but loretta had decided to stay home to take care of the children and watch over their expanding family shortly later. Her husband and her both worked and took care of the farmhouse and cleaned and cooked for the 36 ranch hands{.Npr.org}when loretta's husband had decided to buy her a guitar it was then that she decided to pursue her interest in music. she had moved to nashville and began singing in local clubs and then started singing to become a country …show more content…

she had a large family of her own with six children. some of the struggles during life had included and her oldest daughter that had passed way of emphysema at the age of 64 . lorettas. son jack benny that had drowned on their families properties in 1984 it truly is a sad situation to have to experience something like that.she had experienced much grief and it most certainly have affected her music. another struggle she had would be that she also had to undergo a surgery on her shoulder because of a fall they had some complications but it all turned out good in the end and was able to fully recover and could continue to make music.

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