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Many immigrants that cross the border into the United States are either mexicans or very young children. They come for a better life and a place where there are many opposites. But there are some people who don’t want them to come over to the U.S. because they think they take jobs from the Americans. There are some different ways that these problems can be fix and straighten out. Just by everyone coming together and say what problems they have and finding different ways on how they can fix them and then maybe sent these problems to a much higher person who can make these decision like the president or congress. To understand more about immigrants and about their personal stories and the danger of coming to the U.S. it’s important to know…show more content…
Some other new obstacles that many can face today is not being able to raise their children while helping them succeed in school, having a securing home or job and not having transportation. Even though some come with a visa they still don’t get the same opposites as a normal American citizen would have. A visa is extremely different from getting a citizenship or a green card. A visa is “an endorsement on a passport indicating that the holder is allowed to enter, leave, or stay for a specified period of time in a country” ( while citizenship is “the position or status of being a citizen of a particular country” ( A green card is a permit allowing a foreign national to live and work permanently in the U.S. ( Getting a citizenship may look simple to get but it 's not for everyone for many without getting or even trying to get a citizenship is because it 's a hard long difficult process to even get one there paper work then there is putting every bit of information in the system and the hardest part is the long waiting it takes it 's a “very stressful process to go though” (Karla Hernandez & Maria Gutierrez). No one in the world would even think that an immigrant would ever leave the United States but it can happens. One…show more content…
In this world, there are two different kinds of people. Those who believe that everyone has the right to come and should be treated equal, and their those who disagree and don 't want those people like immigrants to come in just because they think they are going to bring huge problems into their country. Illegal immigrants aren’t animals that should be treated differently, there human beings who needs to be treated as equal citizens if their illegal or not it really doesn 't matter. Those who don’t want them here are wrong and shouldn 't call themselves human citizens or even Americans at all. Even though some immigrants do bring problems and crimes for some they don 't. Many people don 't realize what many immigrants face, go through in life, or why they are here other than coming for a better life for them and

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