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Night Paper Assignment Night, by Elie Wiesel, is a tragic memoir that details the heinous reality that many persecuted Jews and minorities faced during the dark times of the Holocaust. Not only does Elie face physical deprivation and harsh living conditions, but also the innocence and piety that once defined him starts to change throughout the events of his imprisonment in concentration camp. From a boy yearning to study the cabbala, to witnessing the hanging of a young child at Buna, and ultimately the lack of emotion felt at the time of his father 's death, Elie 's change from his holy, sensitive personality to an agnostic and broken soul could not be more evident. This psychological change, although a personal journey for Elie, is one that illustrates the reality of the wounds and mental scars that can be gained through enduring humanity 's darkest times. …show more content…

Before the thought of being confined in concentration camp ever occurred to Elie, his life was one that was oriented around pursuing the divinity of his religion and being emotionally stimulated by this pursuit. When Elie is inquired by a local cabala practitioner, known as Moshe, about why he wept when he pray, Elie 's response is "-because of something inside of me that felt the need for tears." This response evoked from Elie shows that he is connected with his soul and is one that is so emotionally-inspired that he "felt the need for tears." In addition to the expression of his emotions, Elie describing his absolute demand for displaying his sentiments also show how connected he is with feeling the power of his own prayer. After all, Elie weeped over the loss of the Temple and ran to the synagogue every night just to pray, showing his undying, faithful

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