Effects Of Ocean Pollution

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When you think of pollution the first thing that probably does not come to your mind is ocean pollution and how us humans are contributing to it. The dumping of plastics or other garbage is one of the biggest sources of pollution, and hurt our marine animals more than anything else. The spilling of oil from tankers and offshore rigs is another source of sea pollution that is hurting our marine animals. Noise pollution, like traffic, loud sounds from sonar devices and oil rigs also is affecting our marine animals. Sadly all these things contribute to decreases in marine life and affect the everyday marine life in a negative way. Eight million tons of plastic is dumped in the ocean every year, that is equal to five grocery bags per every…show more content…
High intensity sound in the oceans can travel thousands of miles. Whales and dolphins are the most affected by noise population. As a result, whales and dolphins have actually declined in areas prone to such noise pollution from ships. Normally people don’t think about pollution or at least pollution and how it can affect our marine animals. Pollution is never ending it seems like and us humans are big contributes to it, we eat a sandwich at the beach and the plastic bag we had our sandwich in we throw it in the sand and the waves come to shore and pull it back into the ocean or the wind blows it into the ocean or even the seagulls in the sand digest it and that’s one of the biggest contributes to pollution in our oceans and becomes harmful to marine animals. When oil from rigs or tankers or even motor oil goes into the ocean it becomes very toxic to our marine life. Also, when loud noises are going on such as cars going by or loud ships, it has a impact on marine animals such as dolphins and whales. Pollution in the ocean is very serious and can cause serious issues to our marine life and cause decrease in the marine animals and even the animals around the ocean. But us humans can fix the amount of pollution going on in our oceans, are you willing to be one of them to decrease

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