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Module Code : BLAG 0102
Student's Name : LIN JUN LIANG
Student's Name : GOH KAI SHEUN
Student's Name : TAI KANG MIN
Student's Name : LIM YUEN ZHEN

Student ID Number : 15033111
Student ID Number : 15027618
Student ID Number : 15034515
Student ID Number : 15012081

IC / Passport Number : 960912-01-6899
IC / Passport Number : 970721-01-6529
IC / Passport Number : 970826-01-7114
IC / Passport Number : 971222-01-6131

Intake : March-15 (Group C)


1.0 Introduction 3
2.0 Content 4
3.0 Conclusion 6

1.0 Introduction

The omusubi (rice ball) exclusive store not easily to
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This is because Malaysian have no time on spending their golden time in their breakfast. Omusubi is convenient for everyone who are working or studying in the morning. Therefore, they can enjoy the Omusubi on the road of going to their workplaces or colleges. The best location for expansion is Mount Austin, Johor Bahru. There are a lot of residences, offices, shops, high schools and a college over there. Hence, Omusubi is a good choice for the breakfast of everyone.

Nowadays in Malaysia, Malaysian loves to eat authentic Japanese food and already been adapted by most of the Malaysians. But most of the Japanese restaurant did not really serve much fresh food to the customers and many people wants to eat japanese food as fresh as possible but Beiju Restaurant will be providing fresh ingredients for the customers daily.
Beiju restaurant's menu is mostly sell rice ball, the cost of the rice ball is different based on the ingredients that contains in the rice ball. The price which is slightly expensive will be contain either scallops, salmon etc. The ones which is slightly cheaper will contain either fried chicken with mayonnaise, unagi (eel) and etc. based on what customer wanted to
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Nowadays, people have access to the internet almost everywhere in the world. By marketing our Beiju Restaurant online, our business can spread widely and let others know what we are selling and providing instantly. It means our ads can be working for us 24 hours a day at a lower cost compared with traditional method. If in traditional advertising method, our reach is limited to local area populations and highly cost effective for us. Therefore, we are going to do internet advertising for marketing our franchise eating outlet.
First and foremost, we are going to start a Web site with the name called Beiju Restaurant and upload all types of foods and beverages that we serve on the webpage. Moreover, we are going to introduce what kind of rice that used in making the Omusubi and benefits after having it. If customer feel freshly and tasty, they will comment on our website and share to their families, friends through social network site such as Facebook, Twitter, blogs, wechat etc. This is the most effective way to spread and let everyone know about our restaurant within a short period of

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