Research Paper On Panera Bread Spoonfuls

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The Spoonfuls on Panera Bread
Barracks Road Charlottesville, VA

For about three years now, my family has to travel to Charlottesville to drop my sister off at UVA, the college she goes to. It takes awhile to get there, so most of my morning is already scheduled for the car ride.nd we need to find a place to eat lunch. Well, Panera Bread is our first and best option. choice. We eat there every time we head to UVA. It is in a popular shopping center, where all UVA students go to so they probably earn a lot of money. The second you enter Panera, you get a blast of cool air in your face. There is usually a strong smell of coffee in the morning, but during lunch hours you can smell manybisllions of different smellsthings. The steaming hot paninis,

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