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On April 15th of 2017 at 1 o’clock P.M., I decided to travel to the Lloyd Noble Center at 2900 S. Jenkins, in Norman, Oklahoma to attend the 103rd annual American Indian Student Association (AISA) Spring Powwow. The weather was great, was about 80˚, partly cloudy with a cool breeze. Walking around trying to find the lady I was supposed to be interviewing, I occasionally would catch the smell of food (popcorn, pretzels, and hot dogs, and Indian Taco’s), as well as, seeing several tables where one can buy hand crafted gifts. I attended this event, because I have always been very intrigued with the history of the Native American people; from the culture, regalia’s and their religion. I met with Shelby Mata the organizer of the event to get a better…show more content…
I learned in my interview the differences between a Powwow and Stomp Dance. Traditional Powwows are tribal gatherings where specific tribes gather to celebrate and renew family and tribal ties. With modern powwows, such as the American Indian Student Association, one will see a wide variety of Native Americans performing formal and informal dances and songs. These dancers and singers come to compete to win prizes and celebrate the unity of all the tribes from all over the United States. The Stomp Dance is a religious, or ceremonial dance which is private to those who practice traditional ceremonies of a particular tribe. Not all tribes partake in Powwows and or Stomp Dances. However, before anyone performs, a shaman/medicine man or veteran cleanses the circle (with tobacco and cedar). Before any dancer comes into the circle they must cleanse themselves “smudging” (tobacco, sage, sweet grass and cedar) and then sprinkle tobacco on the floor as a symbolic gesture. There are several different dances for men and women. For the men there is the Southern Straight Dance- which is a traditional dance, to (southern tribes) it tells a story of being on the trail of an animal or enemy (a hunting or a war party). The dancers, will often have a porcupine head-dress, ribbon work and an otter
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