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When it comes to the Hispanic’s quinceanera I do know something things about it and then there are some things that I have learn by attending one of a close friend. I already know that a quinceanera is their version of the American “Sweet Sixteen”. I was already aware that they celebrate it by having a party with friends and family. I know that Hispanics are big on family and that a big milestone is a reason to celebrate it. I knew that it is a tradition that has been passed on from generation to generation. Having a quinceanera is a family affair and it is a very special and important part of the Hispanic culture that is taken very serious. It is held in a large area that is big enough for a dance floor and the guests and all of the other essentials for the quinceanera. I like the fact that a quinceanera is meant to celebrate the girls in the culture and that special part in her life.…show more content…
I also learn by attending a quinceanera that it starts off with a religious ceremony then it continue on with a reception. The girl choose special friends of her to participate in what is called Court of Honor which is for people that she considers special in her life. I found out that the girl can receive a tiara, rosary, a bible a scepter and a medal r a cross specifically for her quinceanera. The attire for a quinceanera is formal the boys are to wear a tuxedo and the girls are to wear dress and the special girl has to wear a ball gown. I learn about the changing of the shoes which says that the girl is now becoming a young

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