Research Paper On Racial Profiling

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Racial Profiling is one of the many areas covered in racial discrimination. It refers to the discriminatory practice, especially by law enforcement officials which targets individuals for suspicion of crime based on the individual 's race, ethnicity, religion or national origin. Racial profiling has been and is still an issue today in almost every part of the United States. It is seen in different situations whereby people are treated very unfairly or branded criminals and suspects without any form of evidence It is a type of racial discrimination seen in all places though racial discrimination touches many areas like award of government benefits which is unequally shared as it should ,but at times based on who the person is. For example, I was once a victim in the…show more content…
Families, friends and the society in general are affected in some type of way because like death itself is permanent and cannot be reversed, the families of those taken away suffer a lot in trying to fill the gap. At the same time, the society suffers as the needy people increase in number so government resources have to be increased, which goes back to haunt taxpayers. Racial profiling also have negative impacts on the morale of racialized employees, resulting in such things as increased absenteeism in jobs causing lower productivity rates, and decreased quality of products, all of which can impact businesses. Other people have lost their property and businesses have closed down when people go out in their anger burning and looting the stores as they protest. This happened recently in Baltimore after the death of an innocent young man. Financially, racial profiling costs the government millions of dollars with $5 million directed towards training law enforcement officers on how to treat
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