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Ronald Reagan Research Paper David Gutierrez U.S. History Honors Ms. Seco 3/6/2015 Ronald Reagan Research Paper By the time Ronald Reagan was elected into office in 1981, the economy of the United States was at its lowest point since the Great Depression. (pbs.org, 2013) The day he won the elections, he knew he had a big task to accomplish. This task would be one of the most important things needed for the nation. He had to create a plan to improve the economy of the United States. In time, Reagan was able to implement several programs and was able to improve economic conditions and help many Americans, but not without also affecting several others. This led to many citizens call him either a hero or a villain. Between 1980 and 1982, …show more content…

The idea behind supply-side economics is that if goods and services barriers are lowered, customers will be able to purchase a greater supply at a lower price, which will, in theory, help economic growth. This theory became known as Reaganomics because Reagan himself was the one to develop it. Reaganomics reduced taxes significantly and cut back on government spending. (pbs.org, 2013) Without heavy taxes or government spending, the American people would have more money to spend, which would help economic growth. The main goal of Reaganomics was to allow the citizens to keep more of their money. The economic boost would be caused by the citizens who now have more tax money and are willing to spend more. Another way the economy was boosted was by people investing more in local businesses. If more businesses were maintained, this would allow for more jobs to be created, which would also aid the economic …show more content…

Several times, he received letters from the American people about their tough economic situations. He would occasionally write back with a handwritten letter telling them to fight on and to stay encouraged. Other times, he would also include a personal check. (pbs.org, 2013) Reagan enjoyed hearing about success stories after hard, honest work. Halfway through his first term, the economy was finally starting to bounce back. Reagan’s plan was finally starting to see results by this time. Inflation began to decrease as employment rates began to increase. Wall Street was also affected by this economic upturn. (pbs.org, 2013) The stock market began to boom, with the Dow Jones rising nearly 33 percent. Due to the reparation of the economy, the stock market was also able to increase. The reason was because investors began to invest in businesses once again. Because unemployment rates and inflation rates were going down, many Americans had money to spend once again. (presidentprofiles.org, 2015) Investors began to realize that investing in business that were risky was a way to make money. This was not legal before, but the regulations were now gone due to Reagan’s

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