Rosa Parks Fight Against Segregation

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Rosa Parks was born as Rosa Louise McCauley on February 4, 1913, in Tuskegee, Alabama. Growing up with segregation Rosa never thought that she would grow up to be a role model who helped stop segregation. Rosa knew that there was going to be a consequence of her action, but she Would never have guessed she would be the one to start a boycott against segregation. Rosa Parks along with many other people managed to stop segregation for African Americans and many other races. Segregation kept many colored people separated from whites, for example, white and colored kids could not go to the same schools, or even eat at the same place. Rosa Parks should be honored on Black History Month because she inspired so many people to stand up for their rights. Rosa Parks experienced segregation during her childhood and while she was growing up. As a child, she could not ride the school bus because it was only designated for white kids (Source A). “African-American students were forced to walk to the 1st- through 6th-grade schoolhouse, while the city of Pine Level provided bus transportation as well as a new school building for white students” (Source C). The school Rosa went to was not the greatest, it lacked adequate school supplies such as desks and…show more content…
Something so simple changed the way people see their everyday life colored people no longer wanted to be treated differently. So they took a stand they organized protests boycotts and many more things to spread the message that everyone should be treated equally. If Rosa Parks would have given her seat to the white woman, America would be a lot different today. Rosa Parks is truly a remarkable person who should be greatly honored on Black History Month because we would not have kids and adults of all different skin tones in a school or at the same restaurant if it wasn 't for her
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