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According to the author, Sacajawea was a young Shoshone Native American woman. She played a very important role guiding Lewis and Clark the expedition through the northwest territory of the United States of America in 1805-1806. She was fearless and soon died of typhus and only lived to the age of 25. I hope you enjoy my paper. Before the expedition Sacajawea was born in 1789, in present-day Idaho. One, day when she was about twelve , Hidasta hunters raided their camp site and kidnapped Sacajawea. For about 3 years Sacajawea was used as a slave for farming and cooking. At the age of 15 Sacajawea was won as a wife in a game. Her husband 's name was Charbonneau, who always was mean to Sacajawea, often yelling at her and sometimes hitting her. Soon one day she met Lewis and Clark and was asked to join them on an expedition. During the expedition…show more content…
I know this because it says “One day, a fierce storm blew their boat over on it 's side. Charbonneau was so frightened that he did not know what to do. But Sacajawea reacted calmly. She recovered the books and instruments that floated out of the water.” I can make a connection to a time when there was a massive spider and my sister and I freaked out, so my mom reacted calmly and picked it up with a paper and then let it go outside. Sacajawea was also a big help to the Lewis and Clark expedition, I know this because it says “Sacajawea also knew many languages, which helped when they came across Hidatsa and Shoshone speakers.” This also relates to my text structure cause and effect. The cause is Sacajawea got kidnapped. The effect is Sacajawea meets Lewis and Clark and they soon went on an
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