Research Paper On Seahorses

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Did you know seahorses don’t have any teeth or a stomach? Seahorses are a very interesting animal that could be misjudged as a sea monster. One that has a very curly tail, and bright, vibrant colors. These “sea monsters” are fish, even though they don’t look like a fish. They aren’t even very similar to a fish too. Seahorses don’t swim very fast either, or have scales, like all fish. Instead the seahorse has bony plates. Bony plates are little plates that are arranged in tiny knobs making it visible where they join together. Most of you would think the female seahorses are the ones that give birth to baby seahorses. Surprisingly, the male seahorses are the ones that give birth to baby seahorses. Well,…show more content…
To be specific, seahorses eat brine shrimp. They can eat up to 3,000 brine shrimp per day! The food that they eat quickly passes through their digestive system, like garbage going down a garbage chute. In that case they get hungry pretty quick because the food they eat doesn’t sit in their stomach like our food does. That is only because they don’t have a stomach. Have you ever wondered how seahorses eat their food? Seahorses eat their food by using their snout. Yes, it sounds disgusting but their snout is cleaner than our noses. They suck up the food they want to eat and it sucks it up like a vacuum cleaner picking up dust. Did you know seahorses are alike to two animals? The two animals that a seahorse is alike to is a horse and a chameleon. The seahorse is alike to a horse because the seahorses head is shaped like a tiny horses head. And the seahorse is alike to the chameleon because the seahorse can change colors to what it is close to. That is one of the many reasons seahorses are different colors.

These seahorses can really be an interesting animal to look at or discover the truth behind them. Seahorses sure are an amazing
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