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Selena Quintanilla-Perez , also known as “Selena” was a famous Mexican-American singer, songwriter, model, actress and fashion designer. Selena was born on April 16th, 1971 in Lake Jackson, Texas. Selena started music with her siblings at age 10. They had a band, called Selena Y Los Dinos. Selena Y Los Dinos started debuting their music at weddings, small parties and clubs. . The band was with her brother Abraham on bass, with her sister Suzette drums. Her father Abraham, was also a former musician and he managed the group. Even though Selena is a Mexican American singer, she wasn’t very well with her spanish growing up because English was her first language. Her father, Abraham, taught her Spanish. She learned how to sing in Spanish…show more content…
She took over 100,000 dollars from her fan club. She has an obsession with Selena. Selena was a happy go lucky young woman, as she saw the best in everyone. Once Selena’s father Abraham noticed the money being missing, and told Yolanda that the money needed to be returned. Yolanda said she didn’t take it, although no one believed her; Not even Selena. She wanted to talk to Yolanda about the money and the perfumes that have been stolen from her. The morning that Selena went to go speak to Yolanda, she told Selena that she’d been raped and needed to go to the hospital. Doctors and record show that she showed no signs of being raped, that she showed signs of depression. She exaggerated the scenario when she spoke to Selena, so when doctors told her that Yolanda was lying, it upset her. Selena took Yolanda to the hotel she was staying at while she was touring. They started to argue about business matters, very loudly. Neighbors heard them arguing, then shortly after heard one gun shot. Selena ran out the room, and ran all the way to the lobby to get help from the front desk. Selena collapsed, and was pronounced dead at the scene. Selena died on March 31st, 1995 at 11:48am. Selena was a worldwide sensation and she will never be forgotten. Selena will forever be missed by all of her family, friends, and fans. Her microphone was always smudged with her red lipstick. She was a one of
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