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Everone knows Selena Quintanilla as being one of the best Spanish-American singers to ever live but not to many knew she was a entrepreneur. Her mindset of becoming an entrepreneur started off by designing her own outfits for her performances as well as the outfits for her band. She was into a sort of Spanish Madonna kind of style which established her trade mark in the fashion industry. She soon after that became a fashion designer along with her music career. Selena empire was worth 25 million before she passed away. However her spirit and fashion has lived on inspiring many to wear her fashion or create similar looks. Many people honor her every year on her birthday and celebrate by wearing the same style outfits she created. Not only did she take a chance by devoting her life to music, she also became an entrepreneur having her own…show more content…
Her father Abraham Quintanilla Jr. and mother Marcella Ofelia Samora started the small singing group which involved Selena's older two siblings Suzette and A.B. Quintanilla III. They travel around Texas preforming live Tejano music in the beginning of the 1980’s. By 1982 they were recording music and started their career. Like most women, Selena was judged for singing Tajano music mostly because of it being a male music genre. Selena also married her guitarist Chris Pérez who she was happily in love with and was proud to let everyone around her know that as well. Sad to say she was killed by her fan page co-founder Yolanda Saldívar after Selena confronted her about stealing money from her boutique on March 31, 1995. At that time George W. Bush was the governor of Texas and announced that on Selena's birthday would be celebrated yearly in Texas as a remembrance of her and as a great person. Not only does the state of Texas celebrate her remembrance but also every one all over the world. She is now and will always be one of the most famous female vocalist and entrepreneurs known

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