Research Paper On Self Esteem

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One of the most crucial aspects of the self-concept is self-esteem. (Greenwald, Bellezza,& Banaji 1988). Self-estem is a simplistic term for varied and complex mental states pertaining to how one views oneself. (JosephA.Bailey,1,MD) Sigelman (1999) claims that self-esteem is the evaluation of a person’s worth, that being high or low which is based on self perceptions being both positive and negative which make up the self concept of a person.

As human beings, self esteem is an important emotion to us as it effects our daily lives in different ways. It can be the determiant factor in the outcomes of our performance. Self esteem is our sense of self worth. It is how we feel about ourselves in relation to the world our around us. Low self esteem is caused by numerous factors which can include abuse, failure, or loneliness. In my case, due to verbal abuse at school during sixth form i.e bullying led to me developing anxiety and panic attacks. Consequently, these attacks dented my self esteem even more.
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Personally, I have I always had a problem with not believing in myself and thinking so low about myself. I always worry and fear about everything, and never seem to look at the bright side of things. Due to my low self esteem, I became so unsure of myself, always questioning if i am even likeable amongst others and question if i am good enough doing anything. I became very sensitive to various comments and started to have difficulty in concentrating. Mostly, due to the fact that i was bullied,this led me feeling very anxious which led to me developing panic attacks, and losing a lot of my self
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