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THE MYSTICAL BUDDHA HEAD An Introduction Siddartha Gautama, the founder of Buddhism was born in Lumbini, Nepal in 563 B.C. to Queen Maya and King Suddhodana of the Sakya clan. He had a royalty filled childhood and at the age of sixteen was married to Yashodhara from whom he had a son named Rahula. After the birth of his son, Siddartha on seeing the sufferings and realities of life resolved to spend a life of austerity and inner detachment. For a short while he was the disciple of the famous sage Alara Kalama who indoctrinated him about “Atma” and “Brahma”. Gautama practiced several austerities and undertook severe self-mortification. To invigorate his weakened body he begged in the villages for food. His resolve for the attainment of enlightenment was rock firm. He sat under a banyan tree in the present day place named Bodh Gaya in India and practiced deep meditation for several days. And, finally a day arrived when he received enlightenment or the answers to questions he had been long looking for. He thus attained “Nirvana” or spiritual emancipation and came to known as ‘Buddha”. The word “Buddha” has been derived from the Hindu word “Buddhi” meaning “Mind” and “Buddha” meaning “The One with an Awakened Mind”. Buddhism as of today has a global following of nearly 300 million people who are mainly concentrated in Central and South East Asia. Buddhism - its modern perspective More than a religion, Buddhism is a philosophy focused to “conduct of life”. The eternal core

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