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Sleepwalking Sleepwalking is a sleep disorder which causes the person expiriencing it to walk or do things while asleep. As with nightsmares, it is much more commen with children, but still found amoung adults. It tends to happen when the person is sleep deprived, early on in the night during NREM sleep. After the incident, people tend not to remember it happening, or confuse what they saw with a dream. I know from personal expirience years ago, that you tend to mumble about a particular thing, or ask questions that don 't make sense. People have even been known to drive while still asleep. When sleepwalking persists from childhood to adulthood, it isn 't always a commen occurence. Things that "trigger" and sleepwalker to sleepwalk may include exaustion, alcohol or other sedative "aids", and some medication, as well as some illnesses such as a fever. People who expirience night terrors also tend to sleepwalk, as it seems to run in…show more content…
Sleepwalking can also run in jungention with sleep terrors, causing screaming, or even attacking others. Along with nightmares, there is no real "cure" for it. But reducing things that may cause it helps. Things like your bed, the atmosphere in the room, and the time you go to bed can help manage it. Cutting down on stress and anxity is another way to help reduce it. Calming down and making the envirinoment more peaceful can help. Things logged in your sub and unconscious also seem to be culprit. PTSD can trigger an episode. The mind finds a way to cope with the stress the person is induring by sleepwalking, but this can sometimes cause more harm then help the person cope. People that sleepwalk are known to injure themselfs by tripping, falling down stairs, or even falling out windows. But for most, sleepwalking tends to go away as the person grows older, but episodes can happen, even when the person hasen 't sleepwalked since

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