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Lines, spacing, color and shapes are the basic elements of art. I believe art is an expression of the body, mind, and soul of an individual. I also believe art shouldn 't have any boundaries, nor should have restrictions. I believe art always has something to say, but never needs to make a statement. The audience always has the right to interpret art as they see fit. Everyone has their own criteria set when it comes to art. But art is subjective and the artist shows you their views and interpretations. Art is limitless. Our body, mind, and soul is the creation of art. Art is expressed in many ways, such as writing, music, sculptures, paintings, and more. Vincent van Gogh 's "Starry Night" is known around the world. Van Gogh 's oil painting was completed when he was institutionalized in a mental asylum. He painted the dark sky right before the rise of the early morning sun. Gogh used shades of…show more content…
Art is obviously subjective. Artists’ worldwide love to give their two cents and speak with their work. They show us their interpretation and views of a controversial topic. We see their feelings such as anger, sadness, and happiness in their craft. But that’s the thing, artists have their own tastes and opinions on matters. We as the audience obviously have our own. The Starry night gives us Gogh’s interpretation of beauty. He worked well with painting landscapes, but is it truly beautiful? That’s a personal preference, but I believe Van Gogh believes so. Art is such an abstract concept. This whole essay I wrote about my understanding of what art means to me. Is art tacky? Art isn’t tacky is it? If we say art is tacky then we say there is “bad taste” in art. Something I expect to hear from someone who doesn’t share the same definition of art as I do is, “Your taste in art is terrible.” My feelings are not hurt, we’re just on different ends of the same spectrum. Art can sometimes question and makes you think out of context in display. Sometimes that’s the best kind
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