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The Murder of Steve Sparrow Recently, one night, Steve Sparrow was murdered. The custodian came in and saw someone jump out the window. Four suspects were found, Victor Vireo, Hector Hawk, Melanie Meadowlark and Wendy Warbler. The evidence found was collected and thoroughly analyzed. Eyewitness testimony, analysis of hairs and fibers, blood analysis, fingerprint analysis and DNA analysis were used to find the perpetrator. The most significant pieces of evidence tested for was Blood Type, DNA, fingerprints and hair analysis. Blood type narrowed the suspects down to 2 suspects, fingerprint and DNA narrowed it down it 1 suspect and hair analysis narrowed it down to 1 suspect also. The two suspects that seem to be very likely suspects are Hector…show more content…
DNA analysis is part of Individual evidence because it can lead back to only one person. It is circumstantial because the evidence is assumed to be part of the crime, whereas direct evidence shows that the evidence found was directly connected to the crime. It is a biological piece of evidence because it contains biological material, like DNA. To do DNA analysis, a gel made of agarose needs to be created. If there is only a little bit of DNA, PCR can be used to replicate the DNA that is found. The DNA is loaded into wells in the gel that are made when creating the gel. Since DNA is negatively charged it will repel the negative charge in the gel box, and move towards the positive end. This will separate the bands to make a pattern. Then the pattern created will be used to analyze other DNA samples to find the suspect. If every single band matches between 2 DNA well tests, that means that they came from the same person. DNA analysis could also be used in paternity cases to find out who the father/mother is. The child will have half the bands from the mother the other half from the father. Since the evidence was individual, the DNA matched only one person, Hector Hawk. This evidence is useful in the case because DNA from blood does not randomly get to the crime scene without the person being there. The blood was left behind after the victim was killed and cannot follow Locard's exchange principle because the blood is a liquid and cannot simply be traveled or exchanged by

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