Research Paper On The Bermuda Triangle

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Thousands of people disappear each year within the Bermuda Triangle. Also planes and ships are vanished and missing in this mysterious place. There are several theories that explain how travelers and their transportation went missing. The Bermuda Triangle is an area that has created many disappearances, one of the main theories is because of the weather it is also said that there is the existence of another dimension within this mysterious place. The Bermuda Triangle is located between Florida, Puerto Rico and the Bahamas. (“The Bermuda Triangle”). It is called the Bermuda Triangle because its imaginary area looks like a triangle. (See Figure 1). It is also called the Devil’s Triangle because of all the terror and disappearance this place occasioned. (Nickell).
The evidence about the existence of this area is the missing people, ships, and planes near the Bermuda Triangle. Also, there are old writings that are most probably talking about the Bermuda Triangle. For example, William Shakespeare in some of his writings, particularly “The Tempest”, he talks about the Bermuda’s location. Also, Charles Berlitz, which is known as an expert in the Bermuda Triangle has a book explaining the Bermuda Triangle’s existence. (0:46) In addition in 1942, the explorer Cristopher Columbus talked about “The New World.” When he was in the Bermuda Triangle’s area he said he saw strange lights in the ocean and that the direction of the wind was uninformed (“The Mystery of the Bermuda Triangle”
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