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[A]The Leaning Tower of Pisa The leaning Tower of Pisa was supposed to stand straight and proud, an imposing monument paying tribute to the might of the city of Pisa’s twelfth century trading power. However, the design was flawed from the beginning. The shallow three metre foundations, set in soft, unstable subsoil, meant that by the time construction had begun on the second floor, the first signs of leaning had become visible. Despite this, engineers and labourers forged ahead, determined to complete construction. The Tower of Pisa would have toppled long before its completion if the various wars that the Republic of Pisa were constantly engaged in, had not drawn focus away from the construction process; delaying it long enough to allow the soil below the slowly sinking foundations to settle sufficiently enough to support the unsteady weight of the leaning marble column. Finally, after almost two centuries of construction, the seventh and final floor was completed. In an attempt to compensate for the leaning base, engineers constructed the final few floors and the bell chamber with the walls of one side taller than those on the other. As a result the tower not only leans, but curves as well. [B]The Tower’s Lean In the centuries since the completion of the tower’s construction, the lean has become more pronounced, attracting tourists like flies, all intent on seeing the tower that seems to defy earth’s law of gravity. For years the tourists were disappointed when they

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