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Imagine having to live in one of the hottest places in the world. Barely having enough food and water and never wasting anything. This place is called the Sahara desert.Some people like pastoral nomads have to do this. But it is not all bad because there is some water. Most people live in the Sahel. People have to adapt to the living in the Saharan region.
The Sahara desert is one of the harshest places in the whole entire world. The climate is very hot, arid, and dry. On page 300 it says, ¨The Sahara is the largest desert in the world. Its name comes from the Arabic word Sahara, which means "desert." Its climate is very hot and very dry¨. This shows that the Sahara desert is the largest desert in the world. Even the name of it means desert.
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The Sahel receives more rain than the Sahara. But it also goes through many time of drought. It is not good for farming. The reason for this is because the land/ soil is not fertile and there is barely any rainfall throughout the year. On page 306 says, ¨ The Sahel begins at the Sahara 's edge. The land here is marginal for farming. The soil is not fertile, and water is scarce most of the year. The natural vegetation is a mix of grasslands, acacia trees, baobab trees, and small bushes. Farther south, where rain is more plentiful, vegetation is more varied. ¨ To put in another way the Sahel is not a very good place to live. But some people have adapted to the farmland and still get a little food. They even plant things like millet and sorghum. Which is easy to grow. Even if it 's not that much it is something. People may also adapt to the Sahel is by shifting agriculture. This is basically when you clear the field. Then you plant it and leave the crops for a year or two. And when waiting go to another field and you can plant crops there. On page 307 it states, ¨ Another was to use a farming system known as shifting agriculture. A farmer cleared a field and planted it with crops for a year or two. Then the farmer moved on to a new field. Herders used a similar system to feed their animals. They moved their herds from one grazing area to another throughout the year. Both systems gave worn-out fields a chance to rest. ¨

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