Research Paper On Thomas Paine

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Nick McFaden Dr. Foster History 121-24 September 17, 2015 Thomas Paine Thomas Paine was born on January 29, 1737 in Norfolk, Great Britain. He was the son of a Quaker corset maker and an Anglican mother. Paine received very little education, however he was literate. He began to work with his father at the age of 13, and later began working as an excise officer. Unfortunately, Paine did not excel in this position and was even fired multiple times. In 1760, his wife and child died during labor. Then, in 1771, he married again. However, the marriage ultimately ended with divorce. Around the year 1774, Paine met Benjamin Franklin and took his advice to travel to the New World. On November 30, 1774, Paine arrived in Philadelphia and soon became
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