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Tim Hortons has a lot of social initiatives that they run in society. Their social initiatives include, camps for children, recycling programs and sports programs. Social responsibility is defined as, “The obligation of an organization's management towards the welfare and interests of the society in which it operates.” (Social Responsibility, n.d.). This means that the organization intends to contribute to society, including the environment in a positive manner. The Tim Hortons children's foundation is one of the most well known initiatives that the company runs. It is a non profit organization that dedicates itself to helping children have a better future. The foundation was founded in 1974 by Ron Joyce, in honor of Tim Horton. (Tim Hortons…show more content…
The first camp was located in Parry Sound, Ontario, and now there are 6 total camps throughout North America. The camps are located in Ontario, Nova Scotia, Alberta, Quebec and Kentucky. There are 2900 Tim Hortons stores, along with schools, and agencies, that help raise the money to send kids to camp. In 2005, the stores, schools and agencies raised a combined total of $6.4 million dollars to send underprivileged children to camp. In 2006, $7.2 million was raised, which sent 11,000 children to camp. Since 1974, the foundation has been able to send 83,000 kids to camp. (Williams, 2006). In addition to Tim Hortons Children's Foundation, Tim Hortons has recently launched a new recycling program in Nova Scotia. The program is called “Cup-to-Tray program.” In 2009, the restaurant franchise began working with Scotia Recycling Limited to ensure that all their beverage cups are being recycled. With the new program, the hot beverage cups from Tim Hortons are being transformed into the take out trays that they use. They have also ensured that there is a proper recycling bin in the participating franchises and encourage the customers to use them properly. (Canada NewsWire,…show more content…
The smile cookie fundraiser was originally put in place to raise money for Hamilton's Children's hospital, in Ontario. In 2011, the smile cookie fundraiser raised a total of $4 million dollars across North America. Typically, the money raised from this campaign goes to over 345 local charities. (Annual Fundraiser supports Local Charities, n.d.) In ottawa, the smile cookie foundation proceeds go to the snow suit fund for children. The full $1 dollar price of the cookie is contributed to the organization. The only part of the price not included in the donations, is the federal tax. (Brighten someone's day with a tim hortons smile cookie. 2016) In 2014, the smile cookie campaign raised $5.3 million dollars, and went to help approximately 350 local charities around Canada. (Sweet charity: Smile cookies now available,

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