Research Paper On Urban Sprawl

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What if urban sprawl is worse than we thought it would be. Urban sprawl is the movement of cities outward into the natural land. People think that urban sprawl is bad for our environment because it leads to more pollution and transportation usage.Other people think that urban sprawl is bad because it disturbs the natural land and animal habitats. Some people even think urban sprawl is good, because we can build more buildings and that means more jobs. While there are many perspectives on urban sprawl, there is one that is convincingly better. Urban sprawl and automobile dependence are bad for public health.

To start urban sprawl reflects American’s preferences.Some view urban sprawl as a positive influence. Urban sprawl shows how americans
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Urban sprawl and the amount of automobile use is bad for the earth and public health. Some people believe that we will use automobiles more and it is going to have a bad influence on our earth. Others believe urban sprawl is going to make us drive more, causing more pollution. Road ways become blocked, and more people drive if the cities spread outward.
Urban sprawl causes more drivers and more transportation use. This results in worse air quality. ("Urban Sprawl - Biography in Context." Web. 21 Apr. 2016). Although there are new better cars, people still drive a lot that the air quality gets worse and it is bad for the health of the people and the earth. (Urban Sprawl - Biography in Context Web. 21 Apr. 2016). More roads are being built, causing people to drive farther and polluting the air, which is bad for people’s health.
(Urban Sprawl - Biography in Context Web. 21 Apr. 2016).

Urban sprawl should be stopped and the usage of transportation is bad for the earth and public health. Urban sprawl causes people to drive more, and pollutes the air. Urban sprawl can take away from nature. Urban sprawl leads to more roadways and more drivers and worse air quality. Urban sprawl should be stopped before it’s too late and our earth is in bad
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