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Walter Payton also known as “Sweetness” Destiny Basten Walter Payton was born on July 25, 1954. Walter was born and raised in Columbia, Mississippi. Walter Payton went to school at Skyway Elementary, Payton went to high school at Columbia High School, and He also went to college at Jackson State University. Walter Payton’s Parents are his Mom Alyne Payton and his Dad Peter Payton. Walter Payton has a brother named Eddie Payton. Walter Payton is known for a running back for the Chicago Bears. His number for the Chicago Bears is number 34. Walter Payton was also known for the name “Sweetness”. Walter Payton’s Major Accomplishments, 1977- Man of the year, Player of the year, 1976-81- rushes for 1,000 yards or more per season, 1984- Breaks Jim

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