Research Paper On Why Pit Bulls Should Not Be Banned

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Big Dog With An Even Bigger Heart Pit bulls Should Not Be Banned by: Mikayla Boyd Mrs. Plucker Expository writing May 11th, 2018 Mikayla Boyd Expository Writing Mrs. Plucker 11 May 2018 Pit Bulls Should Not Be Banned Pit bull’s in today’s society are considered to be a dangerous breed of dog. This idea is brought about due to their past history of being involved in dog fights and dog attacks. Pit bulls are the first dogs to blame when there is an attack, even though it would be proven to be a different breed. The breed specific legislation …show more content…

Even if there is an attack the first breed to be thrown out there is the pit bull their reputation has gone down so much because owners are either not properly training and taking care of their dog or that they just do not care. With The myths that the pit bull has a lock jaw when they bite, they never let go is not true, they do not have the ability to lock their jaws. The myths about them being inherently vicious is based on a stereotype based on the actions of a few bad people. A corollary truth is truly no canines are bad, only bad …show more content…

This is a reason as to why pit bulls do not make great guard dogs unless they are properly trained because they think that everyone human is their friend and is not going to cause any harm. The only time the pit bull is going to be aggressive if they feel as if their owner is being threatened. They enjoy meeting new people, even strangers coming up to them with a big smile on their face and they often express this through showering strangers with kisses and an invitation to play. Pit bulls develop very strong with their owners, especially when they are around them all the time the bond becomes even stronger. The breed is a very energetic dog so they love to play and be taught new commands from their

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