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Ray Bradbury: Science Fiction Controversial Writer
What would cause somebody to fantasize about a world where technology has run rampant and people are brainwashed into a life of monotony. Ray Bradbury drew on his childhood in Waukegan, Ill to get a small town flavor of simple life that he mixed with technology gone wild. He had a good imagination and an interesting outlook on the future, which he saw as a scary thing.Were world saw hope in the future he saw fear. Ray Bradbury is a science fiction writer who got inspired from his hometown Waukegan, Ill and watching horror movies which gave him the idea to write Dandelion Wine, Something Wicked This Way Comes, and Fahrenheit 451 that portrayed the negative effect of technology on society.
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All of these are the stories that made him a great author. Fahrenheit 451 is his most notable work and it was based in a dystopian world where books are bad and firemen burned them but montag liked books and need to figure out what. He was criticized on this book for seeing the negative outlook of technology on society. Fahrenheit 451 was based in a dystopian world where books are illegal and firemen lit fire the books instead of putting out fires and montag, who is a fireman, liked books and need to figure out what to do. This novel is based in a not so distant future than our right now (“Fahrenheit 451” 135). In this he thought of bunch of inventions which ended up becoming true such as headphones and big T.V’s in rooms. “Sunday Times said, “In Fahrenheit 451 and several short stories he predicted radio telephone “ear thimbles” which were cacophonous, isolating and socially disastrous”(1). He was very smart when it came to science fiction, he is always coming close to predicting our future and the negative effect of technology on people. Dandelion Wine a story of a 12-year-old Douglas Spaulding as he enters manhood in the city of Green Town Illinois and learned the value of family, friends, time,and the human life. In this story the setting is based off of his hometown. He tries to learn the value of life as he gets older (“Dandelion Wine” 94). Something Wicked …show more content…

Ray thought that technology was going to ruin the society. He tried to avoid using technology as much as he could because of his thoughts about it when he was alive. He alway thought it would be the end of the world (“Sunday Times” 1). Ray only saw the darkness in the future with no hope or desire of it. Ray Bradbury Said,”I don't try to describe the future, I try to prevent it”(1). This saying that Ray does not trust the future and he is trying to stop the world from getting there. He has a star on the hollywood walk of fame the and has won the PEN Body Of Work award in 1985. He has gotten the recognition he deserves for his works (“Fahrenheit 451” 138) . He was a great author for writing how the future and technology would hurt people and making the people have to think about where they are heading while most people praise the future and the technology it hold for the world. There were multiple reasons he was looked up to and looked down upon because of his opinions but it only made him a

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