Research Proposal On Aquarium

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Chapter 1: Proposal
1.1 Project Description
Do your fish look weak, tired, and not as cheerful as they looked when you first put them in the aquarium? There might be something wrong? An aquarium is a small world but it can suffer all the same problems of the big world and pollution is the biggest problem we face. Aquariums are very different when compared to other pets that are commonly kept within the home. In an aquarium, we are responsible for maintaining and controlling practically every aspect of the environment that is needed to keep the fish, plants, invertebrates, and corals healthy. Unfortunately, because of this, it is very easy to introduce some specific water condition that can corrupt the quality of this environment, which can causes possible losses of aquarium inhabitants or algae problems. We can reduce the risk of impurity as well as prevent the water to be polluted and take care of the species in the aquarium to be healthy.

1.2 Problem statement/Motivation
• There are difficulties to know whether the aquarium in our home is contaminated and we can’t see the effected water with our rare eye. We can know them by detecting the water pH value, water level or the temperature of the water.
• To protect the health of their reared fish, so they are not affected with the polluted water and action can be made before the pollution get worst.

1.3 Project objectives
The main goal of

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