Research Proposal On Brand Loyalty

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Title of Research Proposal:
"The Impact of Brand Loyalty on Student's Satisfaction; A Case Study of Smart Phone in District Vehari South Punjab Pakistan"

MY research paper will investigates the impact of brand loyalty, on customer (STUDENT) satisfaction and the other predictors. Brand loyalty was the main variable in whole study. Main advantages of brand loyalty are to create the market for specific brand and the company has the competitive advantages. Loyal customers create positive word of mouth regarding to specific brand. Brand experience, brand image, customer product involvement, Similarity fit, Consumer behavior and customer involvement play a role on the success of brands loyalty. Hypotheses will developed
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A series of statistical techniques i.e. frequency distribution, regression and correlation will conducted to test the hypotheses. The findings will show that customers are more satisfied and loyal with their using brand in developing countries rather than in developed countries .it will also explained that brand image and perceived product quality are much matter or not in developing countries. The analyses will also shows that customer satisfaction, brand image and brand experience are determined by brand loyalty in Q MOBILE and SAMSUNG brand. This research study will show a relationship between brand loyalty and student satisfaction. Customer will become more loyal if the brand will more satisfy. For the explanation a relationship in this study in dependant and independent variables Quantitative approach will use based on the theoretical model .dependent variable is brand loyalty and independent variables are customer satisfaction, customer product involvement, brand image, brand experience, perceived product quality, and lastly brand switching cost. Important guidelines for future research would be to include other cities or countries and carry out a more in-depth analysis to realize the…show more content…
As trade barriers of international market minimized due to better transportations, sophisticated information technology and government support, the business has witnessed quick globalization and struggle (Daun & Klinger, 2006; Kandampully & Hu, 2007; Shoemaker & Lewis, 1999). According to this situation, developing and containing of brand loyalty is one of the best elements to achieve sustainable competitive advantage. Marketing literature revealed that it is extremely important to gain positive perception of company’s most valuable consumers. There are number of studies which confirmed that positive association between brand loyalties and to achieve customer satisfaction exists. (Oliver,1999, Rusell-Bennett et al,

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