Research Proposal On Medicinal Plants

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Introduction:- India has a unique biological diversity and it consists of approximately 5% of faunal and 7% of floral diversity of the world. The number of plant species in India is estimated to be over 45,000 representing 7% of the world flora these are categorized into different taxonomic division.

Research on medicinal plants one of the leading areas of research globally. However, there is a need to pay attention to issue conservation of medicinal plants to prevent their total extinction from natural flora. This is because the expanding trade in medicinal plants has serious threat to become extinct. The aim of this research proposal is to justify and emphasize the need for conservation Chorophytum sp. and Adhatoda sp. by tissue culture.

The need for conservation of medicinal plants: Demand for medicinal plant is increasing in both developing and developed countries and surprisingly, the bulk of the material traded is still from wild harvested sources on forest land and only small numbers of species are cultivated. The expanding trade in medicinal plants has serious implication on survival of several medicinally important plant species, with many under threat to become extinct.

1. Population level has forced the transformation of relatively undisturbed areas into land use for agriculture.
2. Due to industrial and agrochemical pollutant (Pesticides, Herbicide, Heavy metals).

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