Research Proposal On Operations Management

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Research Plan
A Critical Analysis on the relationship between the operation Management and job satisfaction of employees
– Case study of Fortress

1 Introduction and Research Purpose
Competitive business markets in the world are in need of substantial strategies that will enhance the nature of business operations in these markets. These business operations are also dependent on the activities, tactics, and strategies that different firms employ in a bid to keep up with trends and patterns in the market. For this reason operations management has become a core concept for many firms in the world. Operational management (OM) is referred to optimization of management or operational processes to manipulate the administration process
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In a corporate environment, the most important objectives of a company are to ensure profitability, productivity, customer satisfaction and the sustainability of the business development. A vast amount of studies showed the link between the operational management, profit, productivity and customer satisfaction (Chase, 1981, Heskett et al. 1994, Oliva & Watson, 2001). Technological advancements, changes in customer tastes and preferences, and dynamic business environments have made it difficult for firms to thrive. As such, companies are finding it hard to establish a balance between profitability, productivity, business viability and sustainability, and customer satisfaction. Many firms are fulfilling one of the above objectives and failing in their attempts to fulfill the other objectives. With such conditions, it has become difficult for managers to realize the relationship that exists between operation management and job satisfaction.
Therefore, the overall purpose of this research is to examine the relationship between application of the operational management strategies and the productivity of companies. As a matter of research extension, the research will also analyze the element of customer satisfaction about operation management and employee job satisfaction and management. The research will apply conceptual and theoretical framework elements Fortress,
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1999, Soteriou and Zenios 1999, Hill 2007, Saccania et al. 2007, Davidson, 2004). Young (2009, p.80) also defined operational management as the management function that is associated with the creation, control and operating transformational processes in the organization; taking input from different resources and creating outputs that enhance customer satisfaction. One of the primary objectives of firms is to produce goods and services that will enhance the sustainability of the firm (Arora, 2004). For this reason, operational management is vital in enhancing the viability of the firm as it enables the management to control the elements of production in the

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