Research Proposal On Rags Alcohol Company

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Research Proposal Research Question: How should RAGS Alcohol Company take to develop their marketing mix to maximise their profit? Rationale: The alcohol business in Turkey is very popular and has many well known companies throughout the coast of the Black Sea. Due to the company’s high competition, RAGS Alcohol Company is experiencing a major lack in earning profit and growth of customer numbers. This company is situated in Kırklareli/Turkey. Among a highly competitive market of other significant and prominent alcohol companies. RAGS Alcohol Company is considering to maximise its annual profit by selling and distributing their products in supermarkets and well known night clubs through out Istanbul, Bodrum, Çesme and Antalya to attract more customers which helps the company for personal selling, advertisement, sales promoting, direct marketing, and publicity. Also to operate at a consistent low-cost level, so that the company will be in a better position to absorb any price decline or market downturn and stay profitable. Theoretical Framework: I plan to use a marketing mix which is a key business tool to determine the four P’s concept: price, product, promotion, and place of RAGS. I also plan to analyse and calculate the company’s profits by gathering all costs, incomes and revenues. I will also be focusing on making a practical and effective use of business and management frameworks; decision tree, SWOT and STEEPLE analyses in order to show the potential threats

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