Research Proposal On Stress Management

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Research Plan for Doctor of Philosophy
(Human Resource Management)

Akhilesh Gaur
Assistant Professor
Rajiv Academy for Technology & Management
Mathura (Uttar Pradesh)

Research Topic
The proposed research work is going to attempt the study on the need and techniques of stress management. The title of the research proposed is Examining Stress and its management in a public sector unit.
The research is proposed to elicit the causes of stress among employees of the public sector unit, and diagnosing the measures that can be considered to control stress level of employees.
Recently, stress has been a matter of concern in rapidly changing industrial scenario. A health insurance brochure claimed that 90 percent of visits to a primary care physician were stress-related disorders. Health Psychology magazine reports that chronic stress can interfere with the normal function of the body immune system. Stress has been defined as imbalance between demand and response. Han Selye (Medical Researcher) defines stress as a non-specific response of the body to the demand. Stress is a psychological reaction to the demand innate in a stressor that has the potency to make a person feels restless or distressed because the person feels that he is not capable of coping with these demands.
Stress is a universal phenomenon and now- a-days no organization can claim to be stress free. Every job is challenging and more demanding. It requires high standard of performance,

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