Reservoir Dogs Movie Analysis

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‘Violence is one of the most fun things to watch’ Quentin Tarantino once stated. Throughout his career, Mr. Tarantino often refers to this device in order to capture viewers’ attention and to make his films more controversial and more popular at the same time. Films under his direction are usually saturated with violent scenes with blood spilling all around the scene and body parts lying everywhere. This paper will provide the analysis of violence perception in the Reservoir Dogs movie, the first movie directed by Quentin Tarantino through the article Violence is a Many-Splintered Thing. The latter article provides an insight into how different factors may impact our reaction on violence and our ability to deal with it. The research deals ith…show more content…
Through the research they used the classification which states the existence of four different types of realism. These are as follows: presentation of the events that actually happened, reproduction of particular scenes, depiction of the events that may possibly occur and totally unrealistic events. In the case of Reservoir Dogs, the latter movie shows scenes that might possibly occur in real life. This kind of realism directly influences the perception of the violent scenes in the film and film itself. If the viewer knows that such situation might happen in real life he will sympathize the heroes more and consequently will justify the means of achieving their…show more content…
In respect to the graphic representation of violent scenes, as a modern viewer, spoiled by new cutting-edge special effects of modern cinematography, some scenes in the film under consideration are too artificial in terms of graphics. As a result in some cases you do not believe what you see and it is hard to perceive it as a real thing and sympathize with your heroes or express your indignation at too violent depiction of the story. Regarding justification of the violence pictured in the movie, to my point of view, it can be excused as far as heroes are fighting for their lives and for their justice (the way they perceive it). During the film there are a lot of violent scenes mainly connected with the heroes’ attempts to find the person who betrayed them and in reality is the policeman undercover. This is their way of finding justice for themselves and fighting for their lives and

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