Dreams And Delusions Short Story

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Dreams and Delusions-Repercussions-Reshma’s Super Delusions
What happened before?

Exactly a year later from the fatal lunch

The girls met around their table, munching valiantly through their proteins, greens and low carb food

“Have you heard the joke about the anniversary gift?”
They laughing uproariously at Shana’s joke. Her jokes got funnier by the day. Tia remembered them all and repeated them to Bob who enjoyed them as well; Ayesha was now able to share them with Raoul. Jane was smiling. She was dating a doctor and seemed happier nowadays. Beatrice nearly fell off her chair laughing. She was less taciturn and friendlier.

They all sat around recouping from the latest laughing session, wiping tears from their eyes and re-positioning
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Her parents as well as his, were aware of these strange going on. They did not know what to do.

Pete wanted to know what had triggered this interest for others in Reshma. She had always been homebound and did not speak much to or of others. He went back in time and remembered the first time they had met.

They had fallen in love and they had married against their parents’ wishes. His parents thought he was not ready. He had a flair for politics. Therefore, he joined his favorite political party and for that he had to give up his job at the firm he had been working and earning handsomely. Reshma’s parents wanted someone with a more permanent job for their daughter, someone more solid. Reshma had always been fragile that needed constant attention. Both sets of parents had to give in and agree. They were confronted to two stubborn adults.

The marriage was great at the beginning. Reshma supported him in all his endeavors. He wanted her to stay at his side constantly but she wanted to keep on working. As time went by, they started spending less and less time together. Unseen fissures began to mar the landscape of their
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