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I am currently a Resident Assistant (RA) in Noehren Hall at the University of Northern Iowa. I came to UNI with limited knowledge about the field of Student Affairs or the impact it has on college campuses. When I became an RA my sophomore year, I instantly fell in love with how I was able to use my passion to connect and build strong relationships with those around me. I currently am in my second year of being a resident assistant here at UNI in a traditional dormitory. I have also gotten involved in SAA here at UNI. That stands for Student Admissions Ambassadors. In SAA we give campus torus and invite, inspire and inform anyone who comes in contact with UNI. This is the organization where I really learned more about Student Affairs. I sat down with my advisor and we talked about my career goals and aspirations.…show more content…
This was a big moment for me because I never knew that what I was doing as an RA could be/lead to a professional job that is so oriented around helping others and being involved in the college lifestyle. I absolutely love being an RA and working with students and being a leader to them. I also truly love getting to work with others who have the same passion and drive that I do within this job. I believe that STARS is something that can help connect me with others in the realms of student affairs. I love getting to work with the people here at UNI, but I also want to learn more from others who may have completely different experiences. These are the things that I can learn from and really grow as an educator and person for when I am faced with some of these same things. I can look back on what others before me may have done. STARS will also solidify why I have chosen to pursue a path in student affairs and really open up the doors that I am just peaking

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