Resident Assistant Job Application Essay

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1. Please describe any personal characteristics which you possess that make you qualified to be a Resident Assistant. What skills do you possess and what experiences have you had that might enhance your candidacy for the Resident Assistant position?
a. As an individual, I find myself to be very accountable. Finding excuses to explain mistakes, in either personal or group work, reduces confidence in one’s abilities. Mistakes should be avoided, but if, and when they inevitably occur, I embrace them by making myself accountable. Therefore, I learn and grow from my mistakes. My sense of accountability cultivates my leadership capabilities. I see a Resident Assistant as not only the caretaker of a hall, but also as the leader of the hall. They lay
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How do you feel being a Resident Assistant would contribute to your own growth and development?
a. I hold an optimistic approach to responsibility, which leads my experiences to being personally educational. Being a Resident Assistant will be one of the biggest responsibilities of my life thus far. Therefore, its potential to contribute to my growth and development will be huge. My character will be tested, my judgement under pressure, and my skills and abilities refined. I will find the limits of my character and break them through the incessant challenges I will face. I look forward to the responsibility of serving as a Resident Assistant, and will look forward to even greater responsibilities in the future.
4. After reading the Resident Assistant job description, which responsibilities appeal the most to you? Which are you most apprehensive
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All of the responsibilities of the Resident Assistant resonate with my character. Simply being there for my residents as a helpful individual is something I look forward to. The idea of mediating conflict is one of the most appealing responsibilities of the job, and at the same time it is the one I am most apprehensive about. Apprehensive not because I do not like dilemmas, but rather because I don’t feel as though I have the current training to be as effective as I would like to be. This feeling does not turn me away from the job, because I have spoken to current RAs about this sentiment, and they all assured me that I would receive
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