Resident Engineer Responsibilities

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On the other hand, the engineer’s sit organization is divided into the resident engineer, his staff, the engineering assistants, and the inspectors.
The Resident Engineer: Who is the resident engineer and what his role in the site is.
The Resident Engineer is an engineer retained by the owner as a representative on the construction site.
The resident engineer is responsible for many things like, seeing the work is done as the designed engineer want to, and he is the responsible person on site and hold he hold the charges of the contractor and his obligation.
The Resident engineer always has to be loyal to the person who is responsible of the contract of the construction between the employer and the contractor.
The role of the resident engineer
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The resident engineer is also responsible to see the requirements of the specification in regard to the material and workmanship are compiled with the contactors, and to check the line and level and layout of the structure confirms with drawing.
He also has the duties to evaluate all the improvement operation and ensure the availability of all resources and coordinate with the customer all the outage schedules and provide recommendation for all the repair work and ensure compliance, and perform regular evaluation on all observance trends and prepare all preventative maintenance on all parts and coordinate with the customers for all operation groups. And also he has to keep records of all measurement and test, and to bring the plans.
And of course for everything in life there must be some assistance for the work to be done, so for the staff of the resident engineer there is an office managers, contracts engineer, assistant engineers and specialist
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And for the contracts engineer there are accounts clerk and records clerk. We have assistant engineers as we have the assistant residents engineer, inspectors and draughtsman.
Specialist engineers; there a lot of types of specialist engineers as soil mechanics, concrete and survey.
The engineering assistants or as the called vice resident engineer, they supports engineering projects by adapting and applying engineering techniques, inspections and conducting tests; preparing reports and calculations. And they are also must be informed about what happens in the field so they will come to site from time to time to rearrange their duties so that the can become familiar with all the parts of the job.
And for the inspectors they are the people who come to inspect about the work if it is done correctly or not, so they have to come every day to the site, they are also must take notes about every things in the site, they must have the ability to judge quality and finish of work, the inspectors must have special practical experiment as the skilled

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