Resident Evil: Extinction

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Resident Evil: Extinction is a 2007 action packed somewhat futuristic horror movie. It is the third movie in the series Resident Evil produced by Paul W.S. Anderson. The movie brings back the main character Alice, along with a group of survivors from Raccoon City. These survivors courageously journey, across the Nevada desert trying to get to Alaska to escape the zombie apocalypse. They never stop in one place for long for fear of being attacked by the walking dead.

The story opens to the Umbrella Corporation being responsible for the consummation of the T-virus infecting the United States. The earth is withering and dying. Hoards of infected people are now zombies.

Alice (Milla Jovovich) the main character is captured by the Umbrella Corp and injected with genetic infusions that gives her superhuman abilities. Because her blood is special, Dr. Sam Isaacs, head scientist of the North American Facility, clones Alice to continue to use as test subjects. At one point in the film, we see a bunch of Alice clones disposed of in a pit when they die. Dr. Isaacs using Alice 's blood, hopes to find a way to develop a
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(Mike Epps) as well as new survivors Claire (Ali Larter) the leader of the caravan, K-Mart (Spencer Locke) and Nurse Betty (Ashanti) who is LJ 's girlfriend, to eradicate the virus that threatens to turn every human on Earth into a zombie.

Chased by both the gun totting Umbrella Corporation and hungry zombies, Alice and her cohorts along with the convoy whose number is dropping in size, must battle and fight each way they turn while trying to reach their destination Alaska.

Resident Evil: Extinction is a good movie and worth the watch. It has zombies for chiller seekers and action for thrill seekers. The movie is rated R due to some brief sexuality and strong horror violence

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