Residential Assistant Strengths

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I am the employee that is the first to arrive to work and last to leave, the student who picks up the slack when other group members don’t hold up their end of the assignment, the friend that is always there when you call on them, and the mentor that will do anything to ensure my mentee is always at his/her best. Reflecting all of these attributes is my only weakness; always going above and beyond without reward although it may go unnoticed and sometimes can be exhausting. It is a passion of mine to extend a helping hand to others and watch others grow to reach their full potential as I have. Hopefully, I will be that Residential Assistant that residents feel that they can call on whether I am on or off the clock. In terms of strengths, I will examine two strengths outside of the cliché hardworking, critical thinking, and professional strengths commonly named.…show more content…
I have found myself in multiple situations in and outside the workplace; however, I am the individual that never acts irrationally, always keeps a leveled head, and finds the best solution to the problem. This is essential when seeking a Residential Assistant Position because you are expected to take control of a variety of problems. My gifted sales techniques is what will lead to me having the most prospective residents signing their lease when they thought they were just coming in for a tour. I am that sales associate that you come across in a store where you were only looking to buy one thing but persuades you to buy half of the
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