Residential Leader Reasons

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1. Top 3 reasons I want to be an Residential Leader. One of the reasons why I want to become a Residential Leader is because it is a way I can better motivated the people around me to do better, or at the very least try to become better. When I watch the other freshman in my halls see our RL, their faces fill with joy. I would like to inspire the people to be happy and help out their peers when they need help. The second reason would be to further my relationships with others around me. What better way to get involved with those living near me than by becoming an RL. Being able to have the chance to gain the trust of those around me will allow other to fell that they can come to me anytime they have a problem or need advice on something particular. The third reason is that I know it will be exciting to get involved in something I like to do which is talk and get to know new people. Every time I have a new class with people I do not know, I turn to the person next to me and start a conversation. What starts out as a conversation turns into a study group for test days and new friends to hang out on campus with. To become an RL will allow me create new experience on a larger scale with a bigger community. 2. How do I feel that I will benefit from this experience? Starting something new, like becoming an RL, will open a world of…show more content…
One of my priorities would that everyone gets involved in the hall activities and come out of their shell. It took my RL weeks before I started participating more in the hall and dorm activities. I want to do the same for the newcomers so they enjoy their college experience. In addition, I would to help those in the same hall with their school work as I already help some hallmates struggling in classes I have already taken. Overall, the students of the dorm come first, and they should never leave Tarleton with regrets of
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