Residential Schools In Canada Case Study

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Topic: What impact did residential schools have on Aboriginal Canadians? Answer: Negative impact on Aboriginal Canadians What Happened: Aboriginals were stripped of their culture and land Separated from family Were put under terrible circumstances in residential schools (health was put at risk) Residential Schools Who: Christian missionaries and Canadian government What: Residential Schools were church run schools funded by the government. Children lost their culture and language to fit into Canadian society. When: Years of residential school operation: 1831-1996 time of issue: 1880-2008 Where: Canada - first school was established in New France, New Brunswick and Upper Canada (Ontario) Why: An attempt to educate and convert Aboriginal children into the Canadian society How: Taking…show more content…
They did not have enough money or want to spend extra money to provide proper facilities to children. Poor-ventilation: this occurred due to tuberculosis (which occurred due to malnutrition) Lack of food: The children were not fed properly. Lack of clothing: Children were not provided appropriate clothing, but summer clothes during the winter which caused them to freeze to death No fire exits: many children died due to this. Since the schools refused to spend money on fire escapes and sprinklers they built poles outside the windows. During the fire the windows are locked and many children were not able to reach it in time. Some children were locked in rooms as punishment or to prevent them from running away, so some children were unable to break through the doors in time of fires. Why is it significant: The government’s lack of funding caused the death of many innocent Aboriginal children. When the government put an extreme effort to separate Aboriginal children from their families they failed to take in the same effort to take good care of them. Timeline:
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