Residential Segregation In America

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Inequality of America has always been a major concern. There have been issues related to the war on drugs, public education, culture of poverty, economy, and residential segregation. Segregation is the way we separate races but when compared to residential segregation, it is the actual physical separation of two or more races or groups in a population. It happens to be one of the best ways to explain why there is still continued inequality. There does need to be more control over it and policies to fix it. Location matters when it deals with who you are. The reasoning behind residential segregation deals with your surrounding environment and what you are born into. Industrialization has had a big impact on neighborhoods which had people…show more content…
Black and white real estate professionals took advantage of the demand for better-quality housing in the black community by using practices such as blockbusting, racial steering, and other forms of housing discrimination to charge blacks a premium for housing (Malega and Stallings 3). This resulted in white flight which is how suburbs were created. Residential segregation was higher in northern states and cities compared to the south. It is proven that blacks with lower income are separated from whites. White households regardless of income level lived in neighborhoods that were about 80 percent white whereas high-income black households lived in neighborhoods that were less than 50 percent white (Malega and Stallings 3). Even when it comes to jobs, whites get paid a substantial amount compared to those who are not white. Income is another cause of residential segregation. The fact they cannot manage to do better because of what they were born into is ridiculous. But even with that being said, some blacks choose to stay in the negative situation they are in due to that is all they know. This life is normal and they have become accustomed to the idea of being residentially
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